Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gulls, gulls, always gulls!

Like many, I am frustrated by this lingering winter. I am more than ready for migrant songbirds to return, as they are my favorite to observe and photograph. Alas, I will need to be patient...until then, at least there are still hundreds of gulls in the Milwaukee area to challenge me. Today, I saw Herring, Ring-billed, Glaucous and Greater Black-backed Gulls. When looking for gulls, I have to sort through so many Ring-billed and Herrings in order to find a different species. Plus, I'm not great with gull ID! Nevertheless, I enjoy watching one of our most tenacious birds in action.

Here is a pictorial of what I saw today:

Ring-billed Gull Making Its Voice HEARD!
Two Ring-billed Gulls
My favorite of the day--what I believe is an immature Herring Gull showing its tongue while yawning!
Ring-billed Gull in Flight
All right, I'm moving. Jeez! Two Ring-billeds.
Ring-billed Portrait
Another Ring-billed Portrait
Far-off Glaucous Gull
Far off Great Black-backed Gull that seemed small for a GBBG...but that's what it was!

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  1. Liked your pics, you're a good photographer.