Sunday, July 6, 2014

Estabrook Park Fledglings

I visited Milwaukee's Estabrook Park on Thursday, July 3, primarily to photograph dragonflies. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed all of the fledgling birds vocalizing and being fed by parents.

The species that I saw and heard included Cedar Waxwings, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Red-eyed Vireos, Black-capped Chickadees, Gray Catbirds, Eastern Bluebirds and the birds that are pictured below. I also noticed at least four adult male Northern Cardinals flying around, and one female, but I didn't see any juveniles. Sadly, no herons were present along the lagoon, either. Still, it was an enjoyable time spent in the sultry heat.

Juvenile Crow that wanted to be fed. Its parents did not accommodate it; instead, they encouraged it to keep flying.

Another photo of the begging crow.

A juvenile Common Grackle, looking comically fierce.

The same young grackle.

Fledgling House Finch about to be fed by its pops.

The same two House Finches.

One of at least four (to perhaps six) fledgling Baltimore Orioles that I saw. There were probably two broods present.

Contemplative oriole fledlging.

An adult male oriole feeds one of the fledglings.

This oriole fledgling took initiative and tried to feed itself.

Gorgeous adult male Baltimore Oriole.

I believe that this is an adult male as well, but I can't be certain.

Three fledglings posed on this tree for me.

Maybe a fledgling, maybe a first year adult.

Fanning its tail and looking sassy.

More feeding action.

Preening Baltimore Oriole.

Posing for me.

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